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North Carolina Destinations

Let’s Get Together

Tucked away in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Fontana Village Resort is where memories are made and stories come to life. Family reunions, milestone birthday parties, and retreats of all kinds feel extra special in the fresh mountain air your guests will feel right at home.


Religious Retreats

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Fontana offers a peaceful haven for religious retreats, where faith groups can come together to find inspiration in nature’s beauty and fellowship in each other’s company.

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Family Reunions

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This is the perfect spot for generations of family to gather, share stories, and create new memories together. Each moment is a little more unforgettable in the Smokies.

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Tour & Travel Groups

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Whether for adventure or relaxation, Fontana rolls out the welcome mat for tour and travel groups, with rooms, activities, and restaurants to please your whole crowd.

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School Groups

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Sparking curiosity and camaraderie among young minds, Fontana will help create memories that are as educational as they are unforgettable.

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Dance Groups

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Known as “The Birthplace of Modern Clogging,” Fontana has been a destination for dance groups and events since the 1940s. We’re proud to continue the tradition!

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